1. I’m an OFFICIAL admin for the Nerdnette’s blog!!!


    So, I’m sitting here, wondering how I am going to contribute to a blog my nerdlies and I put together to track our adventures in nerd culture.

    It’s exciting because we’ve been trying to get this thing rolling since November of last fall. We were so ambitious, ideas of what the Nerdnettes could turn into, but now we’re seeing it isn’t easy. With all of us busy with our own lives concerning school, work, relationships, etc. it’s hard to contribute and keep the blog up to date. 

    Just within the past 24 hours or so we’ve all sort of situated ourselves to the point where we are ready to start contributing pieces. My fellow Nerdnette Kaela has already done a good job of making the initial posts and revamping the look of the blog. I’m still figuring out WordPress, which consists of me staring at my laptop screen not knowing what I’m really looking at.

    Okay, during the midst of writing this which includes taking small breaks to sip on my Fox Barrel black berry cider and check my phone for tweets, instagram pix, etc., etc., a tweet from my friend has kind of re-instilled why I am apart of the Nerdnettes and that I do have something to contribute to the blog. I guess I’m just nervous. I actually have a really good topic to write about I’m just having a hard time putting it together at the moment. It’s just a jumble of things right now. I just need to flush it out and then edit and organize it. Ok, feeling much better now. Whew! 

    Now for the real dilemma, to continue my Awkard. marathon from last night or watch Batman Under the Red Hood. Hmmm…decisions, decisons. :P

  2. My release